The views of the Grand Canyon while touring on a helicopter is panoramic where the flyers can discover the maximum in the form of landmarks like the vastness of the Mojave desert, Lake Mead, Hoover Dam, ancient Boulder City and many more than the Grand Canyon has to show. This ride turns on the party mood for the flyers while they can indulge themselves in a picnic mod while seeing the Grand Canyon from a high altitude and sipping on to their glass of served champagne.

Expectations that one must keep while touring on a helicopter over the Grand Canyon

The people who book the Grand Canyon helicopter ride to discover the vastness of the Canyon usually get hotel pickups so that their experience starts with the right value on the day of the flight. The passengers are dropped to a beautifully designed lounge prior to their take off where they can relax and prepare themselves for the enjoyment that is yet to come. The flyers can avail the following benefits on booking their helicopter tour to fly over and explore the Grand Canyon:

  1. Pickup and transportation- The helicopter tour agencies provide the passengers with the right experience since the beginning of their journey by picking them up from their hotels and bring them to an elegantly designed and luxurious lounge at the flying station. The lounges are shared in nature; however, one can book personal lunges for a separate fee.
  2. Narrations during flight – The passengers can enjoy the music along with the commentary of the pilot during their flight. The match and combination of the music are installed in such a manner so that the flyers can enjoy to the maximum level while flying over specific areas of the Canyon. Multilingual communication is possible as the narrations in-flight are done in multiple languages. This is to ensure that all the flyers avail the maximum benefit and understand all during their flight.
  3. Places to visit in the Grand Canyon – Most of the places in the Grand Canyon like Lake Mead, Hoover Dam, Mojave Desert, Colorado River, and the Boulder City can be explored from a height while flying over the Canyon.
  4. In-Flight servings – The passengers are served with light snacks and delicious champagne during their flight and exploration of one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Grand Canyon. The Sundance styled drinks along with the delicious meals served in-flight add more to the excitement and enjoyment levels of the passengers onboard. The meals can be enjoyed from one’s own personal basket provided for the purpose of the picnic or the ones that people carry with them during the flight to add on top the mood during the flight.

Lastly, while dropping off the passengers after the tour, the bright and beautiful lights of the Las Vegas strip can be discovered by the passengers until they land off to the dropping point and transported back to the respective hotels.