The Process of Contesting a Will Explained in 5 Steps

When contesting a will there are various factors to consider, such as whether you have a good claim and whether you want to go to mediation or court. It can be an emotionally stressful ordeal but can be very worth it.

Are you ready to get your life back on track and get the inheritance you deserve? This article shares the 5 steps involved in successfully contesting a will.

1.     Get an appraisal

After you have chosen your desired legal support team, you’ll need to arrange a time to meet with them and discuss your situation. This might be over the phone, via email or in person, depending on your chosen provider and your preferences.

In order to understand your situation and the strength of your case, some of the questions they are likely to ask you include:

  • What was the date of death of the deceased? (Contesting a will involves time limits, so this question is important)
  • How is the deceased related to you?
  • What was the duration and nature of your relationship with them?
  • Are you aware of the total value of the assets and estate (approximately)?
  • Are you aware of who the executor/s is/are?
  • Have you received a provision and how much was it?
  • Are you a beneficiary?
  • What is your earning capacity and financial standing at the moment?

It may be a good idea to prepare your answers to these questions in advance of the meeting as it can help to speed the process up.

2.     The executor/s are contacted

Assuming your claim has been deemed “good”, your contesting a will legal team then gets in touch with the executor/s. If your claim is considered unlikely to succeed, your team should inform you of alternative options to pursue, assuming there are any.

A “good” claim is a claim that has a high chance of success, and usually constitutes the following:

  1. Eligibility: This means you had a meaningful relationship to the deceased, such as being a spouse or child. If you were dependent on them you are likely to be eligible.
  1. Financial need: You should be able to prove that you are financially in need of the deceased’s support.
  2. Other beneficiaries: If there are other beneficiaries with specific needs, this may be taken into consideration. For instance, are their needs more pressing than your own?
  3. Estate size: If the deceased estate is small, it mightn’t be worth the trouble of contesting a will.

It is then required to notify the executor/s of your claim. Once this has been done, it may be resolved quite quickly if it is a strong claim.

3.     Documents are drafted

After this has been done your legal team then begins getting documents and evidence ready. After it’s all been gathered, they’ll then take it to the other people involved in the case and try to reach an agreement. Contesting a will is mostly done outside of court in order to save money and time.

4.     Resolution

You can then decide between agreement, hearing or mediation to settle your case. Agreement involves having you and the other parties make offers until you come to an agreement. Mediation is a compulsory process involving having a neutral third party help all involved come to a solution through discussion. Hearing involves going to court; this is usually only done as a last resort.

Keep in mind that the vast majority – around 90% – of people contesting a will resolve the matter during mediation or before; they do not have to go to court.


Key Features That Are Necessary for a Household Hot Water Cylinder

Local residents who are in the market for a quality hot water cylinder for their household will have a number of priorities that they will consider.

From the price to the brand reputation, the size of the tank and the infrastructure that is already established on the premises, homeowners have a series of factors to run over as they make their decision.

To help make this project easier for all parties and to distill this exercise down to the essentials, we will outline what features are necessary to market a quality hot water cylinder.

Energy Efficiency Rating

The higher the grade of energy efficiency from the hot water cylinder provider, the better the investment choice for the homeowner. These rating protocols are run by independent arbiters, ensuring that there is 100% transparency with their ranking system. Older models that churn through their energy consumption will rate lower than their competitors, particularly those from the solar industry where the panel installation has an edge. Rather than being a point of pride, these figures are significant for users who want to minimise their operating costs and to maximise the lifespan of the product.

Warranty Provisions

A household consumer who is in the market for a hot water cylinder will want to rely on extensive warranty protections. These models will vary in expected lifespan, alternating between heat pump models, electric goods, natural gas systems and solar panel installations that are on the cutting edge of modern household heated water technology. When such a policy is put in place and an agreement has been reached with a constituent, they will be covered for repairs and maintenance exercises with extra options for upgrades. Such an investment is too valuable to make without this consideration.

Local Expertise & Maintenance

woman taking a shower

Homeowners always have peace of mind when they know that a hot water cylinder expert is based locally and are within a few minutes of their premises. A key feature that constituents should place high on their priority list is dealing with a provider who is based close to home and offers a professional who can deal directly with the client one-on-one for maintenance, repair and installation projects. Having to contact faceless intermediaries over the phone and online is a genuine hassle as information can be lost and repeated, making a simple exercise more complicated in the process.

Appropriate Tank Size Capacity

Domestic households across Australia will have their own demands when it comes to the tank size and capacity required with their hot water cylinder. From single people and retirees who have minimal needs to large households that have upwards of 8-10 people at anyone time, their storage capacity will vary. One of the central features that any consumer should prioritise is dealing with a provider who can match such requirements. Most citizens will consume approximately 50L of heated water per day on average, so outlets that have the infrastructure to handle those demands are best placed to service the customer.

Future-Proofing Measures

There will be thousands of households across Australia who do not have the budget or infrastructure to opt for a hot water cylinder that is equipped for first-class solar technology. Due to a lack of space or being unable to pay for a quality financial package, these short-term concerns are understandable. However, there are providers who can offer future-proofing measures where alterations to infrastructure can be engaged. This will ensure that an upcoming transition towards an updated solar model can be leveraged, minimising the potential costs and logistics that come with such a switch.


How to Choose the Best Hair Salons Near Me

Choosing the right hair salons near me is one of the most difficult decisions you’ll make when moving homes – it might even be harder than choosing a dentist! There are few things worse than ending up with a bad cut and colour, making it essential to put in the effort to find a stylist that is right for you.

Here are some things to consider when finding the right hair salons near me:

Know your needs

With such a wide range of stylists out there, figuring out what you want is an essential first step in making a choice. If you’re low maintenance and just want a simple trim every few months, a walk-in place might suit you. Alternatively, if you want to pamper yourself and get a stylish cut from experienced professionals in a high-atmosphere setting, a more upmarket place might be what you’re after. Your budget will also determine the type of hair salons near me that will work for you.

Get recommendations

Word of mouth recommendations are still one of the best ways to find A-grade stylists. Ask the barista with the trendy pixie cut, or your co-worker with the stylish lob, where they get their tresses done. Social media recommendations are also helpful.

Visit the stylist

Once you’ve whittled your list of options down to a manageable few, it’s worth going in to visit each stylist in person to assess them for yourself. Some things to consider include:


Clean, modern and tidy hair salons near me are a sign that your stylist takes pride in their work. A dirty, old or rundown joint doesn’t exactly help you feel confident that they will take care when styling your locks. Consider whether the staff are well groomed – if they care about their looks, they’re likely to care about yours, too!

Customer service

Customer service is key when it comes to hair salons near me, and the relationship between you and your stylist is almost as important as the work itself. Are they friendly and polite? Do they listen to you? Is the company culture positive and welcoming? Your stylist should give you a thorough, free consultation before starting work on your tresses. This should include asking you what look you’re after, as well as providing their recommendations based on your face shape, strand type and lifestyle.

Your stylist should also be upfront about pricing so that you don’t get shocked with a big figure at the register. They should also ensure to never leave you waiting too long; if you show up for your appointment on time but staff don’t acknowledge you, or they make you wait for longer than 30 minutes, this is a bad sign. You deserve stylists that respect your time.

Help them out

As important as it is for hair salons near me staff to be experienced and professional, it’s always a good idea to go to them prepared. Knowing what kind of look you want (or at least having some idea) can help them make a decision. Providing them with photos for inspiration, or an old photo of you with your locks looking fab, is always appreciated as it lets them know what you’re expecting. You might want to be open to them surprising you, but maybe not the first time round. It’s a good idea to get to know them before you start experimenting with your look!


There’s no need to go into hair salons near me blindly; follow these recommendations to find a stylist that you’ll be happy to go to for years to come.


Why You Should Shop At Places Like Lombards When Looking For Fun Balloon Centrepieces

balloon centerpieces

For many event organisers out there they will feel like there are party supplies everywhere but not a drop to drink. This is because there are many online stores or even in-person stores that claim that they have it all but all they really offer is a couple of cheap and tacky party options. This is why people should take some time out of their day to actually visit a store that is dedicated to this field.

While, yes, people will have to face traffic in order to do this, they will actually find that they save more time in the long run because they are actually spending their money on something that they want. Furthermore, when people actually go into a shop, they get to feel and touch everything which means that they are more likely to make a great decision. They may even get better ideas than they had before. As this is the case, here is why you should shop at dedicated party supply places such as Lombard when looking for amazing balloon centerpieces.

You should shop at places such as Lombards when looking for fun balloon centerpieces because they are the most likely to have an assortment of options

There is a reason why dedicated stores do so well for themselves and one of the reasons why it because they actually know what they are doing. They understand who their target audience is and they will want to have a solution for all of their problems. For instance, many people out there may purchase balloons online, however, they won’t have the equipment to fill them up with helium and they won’t have the time or skill to tie them all together to make a column or centrepiece.

When people visit a store, they will likely do all of those things so that all people have to do is select their desired colour, texture, and pattern and they can then walk away with super fun balloon centerpieces that they are able to implement at their next special event. Best of all, people are able to kill a few birds with one stone as they will be able to grab all of the rest of their supplies at the same time and won’t even have to do more than one car trip in order to achieve this.

You should shop at places like Lombards when looking for fun balloon centerpieces so that you can get actual customer service

While there are absolutely many benefits to shopping online (e.g. it is quick and often cheaper) there is also a downside and that is that people don’t really get any customer service. Not only are people not able to see things in person so the chances are increased that they will end up spending their money on something that they do not like, they will also not be able to ask important questions in order to make their final decision. For instance, people may be planning a specific kind of event such as a girl’s birthday party and will be wondering what the best kinds of patterns and colours would be for this.

The store’s staff may recommend unicorn napkins, matched with gold streamers, as well as pink balloon centerpieces. People may not be able to come up with these matchings on their own so it is always a good idea for people to shop at dedicated party places such as Lombards when looking for fun balloon centrepieces as well as everything else that is needed.


Mandatory Destinations For Lovers Of The Motor World

Germany Destinations France Travel ideas the Italy United Kingdom

Today we present you mandatory destinations for all motor enthusiasts. In our list, we have included five places and three races that stand out for their history, their exclusivity or their dangerousness and that have become iconic over the years. Some offer circuit driving courses while others witness past or wild races. If yours are the cars in this post, we give you some ideas if one day you decide to start on a journey in search of high revolutions. We started!

Grand Prix Of Monaco

The Grand Prix of Monaco is possibly the test of motorsport that generates more excitement around the world. The trial has been held since 1929 and takes place in the Principality of Monaco, that small state known for being one of those places where the vast fortunes of half the world reside. The race is part of the world circuit of Formula 1 and is one of the few urban routes that still exist today. If the only television broadcast every year has become a classic to watch, enjoy life and see the cars traversing the winding streets of Monaco is a unique experience that every motor enthusiast should live. In Monaco every curve is legendary, the Casino Square, the tunnel, the chicane of the port and in general the glamor that generates the grand prize are inimitable.

-Date: This Year’s Edition Is The Weekend Of May 21 To 24.

Cost of the entrance: The tickets as expected have a high price, for the day of the race a locality can range between 360 and 600 euros depending on the area. The cost of an entry for the classification and day of the race on a terrace with views over the circuit in the purest Monaco style can cost us up to 2,500 euros.

-How to get there: To travel to Monaco there are many alternatives, the city is well connected with the rest of France. Perhaps the best option is to get to Nice by plane, train or bus and once there go to Monaco which is a short distance from Nice.

Lamborghini Museum, Sant’Agata Bolognese

Perhaps many people in Sant’Agata Bolognese do not say much, but in this small town of 6,500 inhabitants in the province of Bologna, is one of the international meccas for lovers of supercars. Lamborghini offers guided tours of its museum and the factory where the powerful supercars leave. In the museum, one can see all the models of the wild bull brand and review its emblematic history. The roads in the area are known to be the testing ground for Lamborghini test drivers, ways that are popularly referred to as the Lamborghini highways. Just in front of the museum, you can finish off the experience with the Bullbar rental company, with which it is possible to rent a Lamborghini for a small ride of between 30 minutes and 1 hour, a good shot of adrenaline although always under the supervision of a co-driver. Undoubtedly, the town of Sant’Agata is a thematic park and a mandatory destination for fans of high revolutions.

-Dates: Open All Year Except For August. From Monday To Friday From 10 In The Morning Until 5.

– Cost of the ticket: The price of the visit to the Lamborghini Museum is 13 euros, the amount of the visit to the museum + factory is 40 euros. Both previous reservation.

-How to get there: To get to the Lamborghini complex, the best option is to travel to Bologna which is correctly connected to the rest of the country, for example there is the train line from Rome to Bologna that covers the distance in just 2 hours, it is not so Fast as a Lamborghini but if more economical. Once there, the range to Sant’ Agata is 36 kilometers.