Located in NSW we pride ourselves in service before all else.

Located in Camden, NSW we offer Karting services to all of Australia. We pride ourselves in the support we offer our customers and the support of the brands we well. In shop, telephone, email and trackside support are all parts of the Karting World service.

Karting World has been a trusted Arrow and Tony kart dealer for many years with a proven on and off track record of service and support excellence for both brands. Karting World tailor each kart and engine to meet the requirements of each racer. It does not matter if you are a club or national level racer Karting World always deliver the best racing platform.

Years of experience on the track racing and off track helping support our customers with kart maintanence, engine rebuilds, engine tunning and dyno work as well as on track service prove that Karting World is focussed on its customers and its racing.

Our experienced staff can assist you with all your Karting requirements, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us to discuss any services or products you are looking for. Read More At www.kartingworld.com.au